What’s it about?’ #3

Practice quiz for English students to understand the meaning of English Newspaper Headlines.
Read the below recent headlines and choose the actual meaning.
This a great way to improve your English, practicing use of grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs and vocabulary that are commonly used in American newspapers.
Source of Headlines: The Sun Sentinel (Newspaper serving Miami, Hollywood, Aventura, Pembroke Pines, Sunny Isles, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, Florida)


1) Weather Headline: Couple swept out to sea as surf pounds South Florida

What’s it about?
A) Surfers were stranded in the ocean because of the strong weather conditions
B) Two people got pulled deep into the ocean due to strong surf conditions
C) Two housekeepers were sweeping near the sea when a surfer pounded into them

2) Sports Headline: Dolphins are $19 million over 2018 salary cap, must trim payroll

What’s it about?
A) The football team, the Miami Dolphins, earned $19 million in 2018, so they will raise their payroll
B) The Miami Dolphin’s payroll is over the limit for the NFL, so they must cut their player salaries
C) Dolphin researchers have spent $19 million on marine biology, but now must cut their payroll

3) National Headline: Trump says he’ll push aluminum, steel tariffs despite pressure from GOP

What’s it about?
A) President Trump’s company is selling aluminum despite resistance from the GOP (Republican Party)
B) President Trump is attempting to help the aluminum and steel industries with support from the GOP
C) President Trump is attempting to help the aluminum and steel industries by raising taxes on imports

4) Local Headline: Coyotes are on the prowl in South Florida

What’s it about?
A) Coyotes are escaping from zoos and interacting with people in South Florida
B) Coyotes are making a lot of noise so people are unable to sleep in South Florida
C) Sightings of coyotes are increasing as their population is growing in South Florida

5) Florida Headline: Florida Senate passes bill approving year-round Daylight Saving Time

What’s it about?
A) Florida politicians are attempting to pass a law that will allow clocks to remain unchanged during the year
B) Florida politicians are paying the bill to approve an expanded Daylight Saving Time
C) National politicians are considering banning Daylight Saving Time changes

ANSWERS: 1-B, 2-B, 3-C, 4-C, 5-A