Where are you from?

I am from Istanbul, Turkey.

What is unique about your country?

My country is famous for its unique nature. You can also see many historic museums and architecture

What is your career?

I have two university degrees, faculty of art cinema and television (bachelor degree), pre-law (associate degree) and I also have a drama teacher certification

Have you had any experiences of ‘culture shock’ in USA or Miami Beach?

When I arrived in the USA, I was in culture shock. Everything was very different from Turkey, for example friendships.  I had a hard time getting used to the American system but now I am used to it!

What about learning English is challenging or difficult?

The Turkish language is completely different than the English language. Pronunciation, grammar, everything.
But everyday I improve a little more. It has been difficult for me. I read many books in English, watched movies in English, listened to the music in English and of course I went to the language classes and studied a lot. My teachers helped me everyday. Now I am speaking English.

What is one tradition in Turkey that we don’t celebrate in the USA? 

October 29th is a holiday for us, which is the establishment of the republic of Turkey

What foods do you miss from Turkey?

I miss Iskender kebab, gyro kebab, Mediterranean kofte, kunefe, baklava…