Nora came to South Beach Languages in Miami Beach all the way from Budapest, Hungary.  She is currently taking ‘English Vacation’ classes as a tourist.

She came to Miami to improve her English and also to enjoy the weather, beaches and activities in South Florida.

We asked her the following questions:

What is unique about your city, Budapest?
The geographical location.  The Danube river runs through the middle of the city and there are beautiful bridges that link the two parts of the city.  We also have famous thermal springs that have medicinal benefits.

What are the cultural differences between your city and Miami (besides weather)?
In Miami, there are all kinds of people.  There is so much diversity.  The life here is more colorful and full of good energy.

What is your job/career?  
I’m tourist guide and Spanish teacher.  I give tours of Budapest to groups of tourists.

For you, what about learning English is challenging or difficult?
The pronunciation and the orthography, trying to speak fluently, and at the same time correctly.

Did you have any ‘culture shock’ experiences in the USA?
The American people are very kind and helpful, but the traffic is always enormous, and sometime it’s little bit tiring.