Where are you from?

I am from Havana, Cuba.

What is unique about your city?

Something that makes my city unique is the interesting people who live there.
Also, you can see very good architecture and enjoy a warm weather.

What is your job/career?  

I finished High School in Arts. Later I will finish my Bachelor in Design.

Why did you choose to study in Miami Beach?

I chose Miami Beach as location because it is a very interesting place with everything to enjoy and study at the same time. You have beaches, stores, restaurants, clubs, museums and so much more.  Everything is close so I can walk everywhere.

What about learning English is challenging or difficult?

The most difficult point about studying English for me is to know when to use the different combinations mixing a verb with a preposition to create a phrasal verb. For example (Bring on,  bring out,  brought up).
But in my opinion, I think English is easier to learn and understand and communicate than other languages. I am improving everyday.

Where do you suggest we visit in Cuba?

Varadero Beach
Plaza Vieja (Old Havana)
El Malecón
El Floridita
La Flauta Magica
Castillo de los tres reyes del morro.
Guardalavaca beach
Pilar beach