Besides being an outstanding English student at South Beach Languages (SBL) in Miami Beach, Geraldine is also an actress and dancer.

In the past, she has graciously performed scenes from movies and television programs for our school.  Recently she performed a dance and a song from the popular Moana soundtrack. The English students and teachers were very impressed.

Before studying at South Beach Languages, back in her home country of Venezuela, Geraldine studied acting and dancing from the time she was a little girl.  She starred in a Spanish language film titled ‘Precio de un Angel’ and various tv programs and commercials.

Geraldine started off at SBL with a basic level of English, but she has improved and progressed through 8 levels of English, from Beginner to Advanced. When asked about her favorite types of classes with us at SBL, she emphatically said ‘Speaking.  I loved the conversation classes because in those classes the teachers allowed everyone to speak and participate.  And there were always many fun group activities”.

She is graduating from South Beach Languages this month.  She was very popular with the students and teachers and she will be missed. We wish her good luck with her career and we are sure we will see her soon on the big screen!