Students from all over the world come to South Beach Languages in Miami Beach or Hollywood, Florida to learn English for many different kinds of reasons.  For example, many English students want to improve their English so they will have an advantage when they continue their college education in the USA or in their country.  Many other students want to take English lessons because it will give them more opportunities in their careers.  While other students just want to learn English for social situations.

Ewa is learning English so she can volunteer in Tanzania, Africa!

In Tanzania, on the East Coast of Africa, they have a need for medical volunteers.  Ewa, who is a nurse from Austria, Vienna, decided to volunteer, but there is an English speaking requirement.  So first she is making a small detour through Hollywood, Florida in the USA to practice and improve her English.

According to her English grammar and English conversation teachers, so far Ewa is doing great.  She says sometimes the American accents of locals are difficult to understand, as people speak fast and in a variety of ways.  She is also practicing all of the irregular verb conjugations such as: go, went, gone; do, did, done; swim, swam, swum, etc.

She told us that her hometown of Vienna is famous for classical music and composers, such as Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

She says the biggest ‘culture shock’ so far of living in the US, was the large portions served in restaurants and many of the unhealthy food options.  She misses the homemade bread from Austria.
Yet as she improves her English day by day, she is easily adapting to the USA, and getting ready for her next big journey!